Just a little airline rant today.  Now i travel a bunch.  I have a good number' of frequent flier miles on the ol' card (that i should really use sometime soon lol).  I know there will always be the issues with weather issues, there will be crazy turbulence, there will be times when all of the airplanes will be grounded, there will be delays, there will starbucks coffee that cost more than if it was outside of the airport walls, that there will be times when i have to do work and the wifi on the plane is messed up, that there will be the crowded plane with stinky people sitting right next to you, that the plane bathroom smells so bad and yo are sitting right next to it, that your luggage gets lost, that you flight gets cancelled and you need to sleep in the airport, that you need to buy a stale bagel for $15 because you are starving......i could go on and on.  But the one thing that KILLS me more than ANYTHING.......when we land, they way to exit the plane is in order of how you are sitting.  im sorry but there is no reason for you to rush past me and get 5 rows up and then be stuck there waiting to get off.  Yes i understand that we sometimes will have to run to a connecting flight and i have seen it where the crew will make an announcement to let those people off first.  AND I AM GOOD WITH THAT!!!!  But if you are on the plane and are sitting behind me and think that you should get up and pass me or block me from getting up when its my turn, well you are going to hear about it.  Its not that hard people.  Its called "WAIT YOUR TURN", its called "BE PATIENT", its called "YOURE CUTTING", its called "SIT YOUR ASS DOWN", its called "IM GOING TO THROW MY PUKE BAG AT YOUR HEAD".  Ok now im done.  Go back to your normally schedule program:)



INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:



25 min AMRAP:

.......5 reps Squat Clean Thrusters (185/125, wt to get 6-9UB)

.......10 reps Burpee Box Jump (24/20)

.......15 reps Toes to Bar

.......20 reps Pull-ups



MWOD:   klonky shoulder fix and better folding for toes to bar