I follow a bunch of different people on social media that are top in their field in business, leadership, mental toughness, etc. One of them is a guy named Gary Vaynerchuk.  He is a business champion.  I was listening to a TED talk he did a while back and it was about how to succeed in business and he said that you can lose money in things you love and in things you hate doing.  So if thats the case then stop doing all the stuff you hate to do and concentrate on the stuff you love.  His idea is that if you pick something in your life that you love to do EVERY SINGLE DAY, then you will be happy and you will be successful because you will go the extra mile to work hard and MAKE it succeed.  Success takes hard work, long hours, and relentless commitment through all the bad times, not just through the good times.  If you absolutely love what you are doing then you be able to fight through the hard times.  You will be able to work long hard hours and be ok with it!  I am by no means where i want to be business wise...yet...... but i love what i do.  I love to help people achieve things they never thought they could do.  I love seeing people's lives change.  I love to come up with workouts that look like paintings or sculptures to me.  I love to write to each of you every night.  I retired out early from one of the BEST jobs on the planet so that i can do this.  Sure there are times when i think "what the hell did i do!!!" but then i coach a class and i know exactly why i did.  What do you love to do?  are you doing it?  do you know exactly what it is?  Search for it, fight for it, get it, grab it, then do it!  Make your job what you love then every day is a good day.  Happy Sunday!:)



INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:



For Time: (45 min max)

100m/10, 200m/9, 300m/8, 400m/7, 500m/6, 600m/5, 700m/4, 800m/3, 900m/2, 1000m/1

.......Rowing meters

.......Muscle ups (Ring, Bar, 2:1 Chest to Bar Pull ups)



MWOD:   Tend to those sore and tired bits