I talk to tons of people about being an older crossfit competitor.  One of the questions i always get is how do you know when you are done.  My question back to them is usually something around the area of "done with what?"  My "claim to fame" was back a few years ago when i would compete shoulder to shoulder with some of the best young guys in the world.  I never made it to the Games in the Open division but i was close a bunch of times.  So was there a point where it looked like the door to making it to the Open division Games was closing or closed?  Sure.  When you get older and everyone is getting better the chance of beating them decreases.  Does that mean i was done?  Nope.  The fact is that the drive to accomplish the dream, whatever that dream is, is what has driven me all these years to keep going.  So now im in the Master Division.  Im not embarrassed by that, or bummed out by that.  In fact, the goal hasnt changed.  I want to go to the Games.  I love the trill of competition.  I love the training.  I love pushing myself to be the best i can be.  This is truly what makes me feel young.  Sure i dont have the time i did in years past to make sure i get all my proper training in, or to get the maximum amount of sleep to recover.  But when i strap the shoes on, then im stoked again, im young again, im driving towards that goal again!  The only time the drive leaves is if you decide to let it go.  Dont let excuses from life derail what you are your drive is.  Life will ALWAYS get in the way.  Kids will ALWAYS get in the way.  Responsibilities will ALWAYS get in the way.  But they only get in the way if you decide that they are in the way.  You are only done when you decide you are done!:)



INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:



Snatch Work (15 min clock)

Snatch Pulls

.......4 x 3 reps (work to 125%1RM Snatch)


.......6 x 1 rep (increase wt each round)






For time: (15 min limit)

.......40 reps HSPUs

.......20 reps Single Arm KB OHS Left (75/53#)

.......40 reps KB Swing (75/53, wt to get 20 UB)

.......20 reps Single Arm KB OHS Right (75/53#)

.......40 reps KB Swing (75/53)

.......20 reps HSPUS



MWOD:    open up your thoracic torso