The worst feeling in the world is being out of shape and trying to come back!  Ok yeah there can be worse feelings i know but when you are in the middle of a workout and you trying to come back, and your are wanting to throw up and cant breath and feel all dizzy in the feels like the worse thing.  When you find yourself in this situation you have 2 options: work out, or go home and do nothing for another day.  Going home wont hurt.  In fact you could probably get some rest, or watch a really good show, or something.  But give yourself 6 months and you will find out that the body you used to have is not hanging out with you anymore.  Or you can go in and workout, but you have to force yourself into some sort of amnesia so that you dont remember where you were when you were at the top of your game.  Heres the thing, you ae starting at step one, and you know EXACTLY how bad its going to hurt, so dont think about it.  Your goal right now is to do everything in your power to just keep moving.  It will get better.  And the longer you can push through, the faster the conditioning and strength will come back.  But it takes you being mentally tough enough to deal with some pain.  And this is usually harder than when you are in shape because your body wants nothing but to stop and roll itself up into the corner hahah!  Dont think about how much more you have left, or how long, or how you wish you were already through this part.  Put the blinders on and just keep moving forward.  Every step will be one step closer to being able to blast through these workouts again with the machine of a body you either had or always wanted!  So heres to not remembering but still moving!:)



INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:



Thruster Party, from the ground

.......0:00-3:00: 4 reps @ 75%1RM

.......3:00-6:00: 3 reps @ 80%1RM

.......6:00-9:00: 2 reps @ 85%1RM

.......9:00-12:00: 1 rep @ 90%1RM






15 min Continuous Clock:

4 Rounds:

3 min AMRAP:

.......15 reps Push Press (115/75# wt to get 20-25UB)

.......10 reps Front Rack Lunges (same weight)

.......5 reps Burp Over the Bar

1 min REST



MWOD:   recover the shoulder after a bunch of oh pressing