Ok the internet is soooooooooo slow up here so i hope this gets out to you guys lol.  Its crazy to be on a plane for 16 hours and be following the night the whole time.  I never got to see all the things below us even with the crazy cameras views they had on the plane.  I hope they have wifi there because im terrified of roaming charges from Saudi Arabia haha!!  The picture above is my view lol



INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:



30 min AMRAP:

.......30 reps Air Squats

.......10 reps Pull-ups

.......3 reps Power Cleans (225/155, wt to get 5-7 UB, 80%1RM)



MWOD:   Roll out low back with foam roller, mash out trap with bar