There are times when things feel super bleak.  Empty.  Devoid of opportunity or options.  When those things happen, its up to you to make things happen.  The first thing would be to change your perspective about the situation.  Is it really that there aren't opportunities or are you just not looking in the right direction.   Take a situation of no opportunities or options and change it to a blank slate where you get to create the opportunities you want to deal with.  It's completely empowering to design and pick your own opportunities.  Now I'm not saying you can just make whatever you want to appear instantly.  Im saying that if you take the opportunity to think outside the box, change your prospective, put a smile on your face and realize if you positively attack an idea, then you have all kinds of chances to make what you want.  I know this is kind of deep, but think back on some times when things seemed totally impossible.  Then think about what happened to make the situation change?  Did you do something to change it?  Do you now see something you could have done?  There is always an opportunity.  You just have to take it!!



INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:



32 min EMOM:

.......Min 1) 6 reps Thrusters (185/125, 70%1RM) off the ground

.......Min 2) 8 reps Box Jump (36/32", something very high for a jump)

.......Min 3) 10 reps Strict Ring Dip (Sub: w standard dips, then kipping dips)

.......Min 4) 12 reps Wall Balls (30/20#@10' or 20/15#@12')



MWOD:   better jumping mechanics