We live in a time of INSTANT gratification.  There are very few things where we have to wait for what we want.  For many. if they dont get it on the first or second try, then they stop/give up/quit.  If you think about it this truly thins the field of people you have to compete against in whatever you are doing.  If you want to be good at this Crossfit stuff, or at playing the guitar, or you want a particular job, then you must be able to whether the storm for a while.  This means dont expect it to happen on day one, even day three, or even day 365.  there may be many many attempts and failures.  this doesnt mean it wasnt supposed to happen. It means that you dont have the tools needed to do that "thing" yet.  Want a muscle up? Some will get it on the first day they try.  this doesnt mean you will.  But that doesnt mean you wont or cant get one.  It just means you need a couple other things before you are ready to get it.  So you need to take the time to get those things.  Put the time in.  Fall on your face.  Have those little achievements.  Then when you are ready, it will happen.  But if you stop doing the things you need to, it will NEVER happen.  If you really want this, then dont set a time frame on when it has to be done by.  Just set performance tests.  there should be an order of things you need to do on your way to achieving the goal.  The progression is determined by the tests you are completing.  If you concentrate on those then you will not only have a strong foundation for the task, you will pleasantly surprised when you........get that muscle up:)



INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:



30 min AMRAP:

.......400m Run

.......40 reps KB Swing (70/53, wt to get 20 UB)

.......30 reps KB Single Arm Push Press 15rt/15lt (same wt as KB Swing wt)

.......20 reps Alt Pistols

.......10 reps Cleans (205/135#, 70%1RM Power Clean, wt to get 6-8UB)







MWOD:   some trap/first rib stuffthen hit the ankles too