In every avenue of life, there are coaches.  Thesepeople are there to help you get more out of whatever you are doing and to help make you be the best version of yourself in that particular activity.  Think about it, whether its a sports coach, a life coach, a business coach, a teacher, etc, they tell you things to help you understand how to do a certain task.  There will be 2 types of things they tell you.  The first thing is a technique.  A technique is an actual step or action that has to happen for you to do the action.  For example, when teaching someone to throw a ball, you have to pick up the ball, and hold it tight enough so that you can move your arm with force during the throw and the ball wont fall out.  how you hold the ball is a technique.  the next thing a coach will tell you will be a cue.  A Cue is a statement that designed to get you to understand how to move a particular way.  For example when we say "knees out" on a squat, this doesnt mean that you must have your knees WAAAAAAAY out to do this movement.  We say knees out because we want you to engage your glutes and this happens when your femurs turn out or externally rotate.  If were standing on ice and you squeezed your butt, you would see your feet turn out slightly.  If you knees fall in, or you dont activate your butt, then you put stresson your ACL in your knee, you lose stability in your foundation because you drop your arch in your foot, and use MUCH less muscle for the lift.  But we may need to say something totally odd or different to you so that you under stand what we need you to do.  It might make sense to you but be meaningless to someone else.  This is the nature of a cue.  So if we say something you dont understand, tell us.  We will present it another way and hopefully get the words that work with you so you can crush the movement:)




INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:



With a 24 min Continuous Clock:

8 min AMRAP:

.......16 cal Row

.......12 reps Thrusters (95/65, wt to get 22-26UB)

.......8 reps Bar Muscle Ups (2:1 Chest to Bar Pull-ups)

3 min REST

6 min AMRAP:

.......12 cal Row

.......8 reps Thruster (115/80, wt to get 18-21UB)

.......4 reps Bar Muscle Ups (2:1 C2B)

3 min REST

4 min AMRAP:

.......8 cal Row

.......4 reps Thrusters (135/95, wt to get 14-18UB)

.......2 reps Bar Muscle Ups (2:1 C2B)




Northern INFERNO New Member Assessment: by appointment, email to schedule



MWOD:   tend to those sore and tired bits