I have been in sports for many many many years and one thing i have learned is that we all think that we must be at 100% perfect health, condition, mindset, etc for us to perform correctly.  Im not saying that those things wont increase your chances of being in a better place to perform, but it doesnt mean if you dont have it, then you will lose.  But how is that possible?  Well, have you ever had those days when you barely even made it into the gym, or you were totally sick but decided to come in anyways.......and then you smashed the workout?  Or those days where you thought everything was lined up perfect but you hit the workout and you still got smashed.  WTF?!?!?  Well what i see is that in the times when you didnt think you really were going to do anything of any greatest, you didnt put any pressure on yourself.  You just were in and did your thing.  But when everything was all lined up perfect, then there was not only an expectation of succeeding but a pressure to do well since everything was going right.  You CANT out pressure on yourself to succeed.  You can only put pressure on yourself to give whatever it is tat you have and not worry about the consequences.  This is when you are able to get into the flow.  And when you flow, you will excell! :)




INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:



Championship Fight Gone Bad (29 min clock)

5 Rounds:

.......1 min max reps Wall Balls (20/15@10')

.......1 min max reps Sumo Deadlift High Pull (75/55)

.......1 min max reps Box Jump (24/20)

.......1 min max reps Push Press (75/55)

.......1 min max Cal Row (or max burpees)

.......1 min REST

*you do not need to start in the wall balls but you must go in this order.  SCORE WITH ON TOTAL NUMBER OF REPS!!!







MWOD:   prepping your shoulders