Scaling, Modification and Drill are not used to make a workout easier.  Its used so that you are able to get the desired result in a workout based on your abilities.  Lets say you dont have the strength, then we scale the weight down so you can do it appropriately.  Lets say you you are injured, we will modify the movement so that so that you are able to move as closely to the actual movement as possible.  We dont want to just avoid the movement unless we dont have any other option.  When we dont know how to do a movement or if we need to review or work on the movement, we do drills.  Drills will be pieces of the full movement or it will help us to learn where our body needs to be so that we can eventually move the correct way and become efficient and strong.  These things DO NOT make the workout easy.  If you stray at all from the prescribed version of the workout, please understand what you are trying to do or ask your trainer to help you.  We dont make workouts easier.  We make them work better for you:) FEEL THE BURN!!!


INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:



Front Squats (14 min limit)

2 Rounds:

.......7 reps @ 60%

.......5 reps @ 70%

.......3 reps @ 80%

.......3 reps @ 85%

*if you made the weights last week then increase each wt by 5 lbs.






3 Rounds: (16 min clock)

4 min AMRAP:

.......16 reps Squat Jump to 1' target over outreached arm

*full depth squat to jumping up to target on each rep

.......14 reps Single Arm DB Push Press (75/50, wt to get 7-10UB)

*do 7 on one arm and then 7 on the other

.......12 reps Deadlift (255/175#, 60%1RM, wt to get 18-22UB)

2 min REST







MWOD:  improving the squat for today