We do a ton of movements that are functional in nature.  But here we are living on the Central Coast and there are MANY of us that dont know how to swim very well.  We live in this amazing area that has lakes and the ocean, as well as pools and water parks.  Now of course we arent fish, but swimming is a functional movement and we ALL should know how to do it.  If not for efficiency, recreation and sport, then for survival and self protection.  At some point, we ALL will end up in the water and just saying that you can keep your head above water isnt enough.  I have made many rescues and been on many calls where people thought they would be ok, or didnt need to be that great of a swimmer and then the elements take over and they LOSE, and sometime lose bad.  Everyone agrees that our kids should learn how to swim, but it doesnt make sense that they should be able to and for us its just whatever.  We need to be able to swim.  So go take some lessons, go to the pool and practice, have someone teach you in the ocean, learn to go under the waves, learn to ride the waves in, learn what a rip current looks like and how to use and get out of one, learn how to swim with your head down and how to breath.  Its a very fun activity, its a self protection thing and its summer time!!!!  Go out and enjoy the water!! FEEL THE BURN!!!



INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:



28 min Clock:

.......Min 1) 20 reps Wall Balls (30/20#@10')

.......Min 2) 10 reps  Burpee Box Jump (24/20")

.......Min 3) 20 reps OH Walking Lunges (45/25# bumper)

.......Min 4) 10 reps Weighted Ring Dips (35/15# db, or smaller band to get 5-10UB)

*you will get min of 15 secs rest on each movement







MWOD:  foam roller to roll out anything that is hurting