This is going to sound a little “Self-helpish” but who do you care about most in this world?  Sure there are your kids, your friends, your siblings, your spouse, your parents, your dog, etc.  What would you do if someone was talking trash about one of them?  Would that bother you?  Now lets get back to the first question, there is one person you should care about more than all of the above….yourself.  Thats right.  In your world, there is NO ONE that is with you for your entire life, from beginning to end….YOU.  So it makes sense to treat yourself as good as possible.  And if you get upset if someone talks trash about your mom, turn it on yourself.  Think about all the mean and negative things you say to yourself.  If it bothers you to hear people that talk crap about your loved ones, dont be one of those people.  Your a damn good person!!!  So today when you come in to hit the workout, or go into talk to your boss, or try something new, dont talk trash on yourself!  Get in there and give em hell!!!:)



INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:



30 min Clock

15 rounds each on 2 mins:

.......5 reps Deadlift (225/155, 70%1RM)

.......3 reps Clean and Jerk (225/155, 80%1RM)

.......1 rep Squat Snatch (225/155, 90%1RM)

**The object is to have the same weight for all three moves.  The weight you pick should be based on the weakest of the three moves.  then if there is a move that you are below that percentage (70,80, or 90) then add an extra rep for every 5% you are below it. So if your snatch is weak but its light for your deadlift then figure what percentage the dead weight is below your 1RM.  if its 50% of 1RM then you will add 4 reps to your deadlift  since its 1 rep for every 5% under the prescribed 70%







MWOD:  get those hips ready!