You probably dont realize how important the social aspect of the gym really is.  Sure when we go in, we will say hi to a few people if we know them, we may get a couple laughs, etc but there is a woven net that intertwines all of the INFERNITES.  No you shouldnt feel like you have to say when things are bothering you if you dont want to.  And yes its ok to be quiet and to yourself but once the day gets going, you need and your fellow INFERNITES need, cheering, rooting on, laughing, shouting, hooting, etc.  This community piece of the box is what makes you feel like you belong.  And when you feel like you belong, then you arent afraid to do things you dont think you are good at.  You are afraid to take risks because you know you have a support group right there.  So whether you think you need it or not, if you finish before someone, cheer them on to keep pushing to finish.  If you see someone dying during the workout, root them on to keep pushing, if someone needs some help because they are smashed after the would out, pick their equipment for them, give a high five, give a smile.  If you dont know someone, give them a hello and a smile.  You know how it makes you feel, now do it for everyone else:) FEEL THE BURN!!!



INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:



Overhead Squats

.......8 x 1 rep

*Find a working 1RM






For Time: (15 min max)

Complete the following with a continuous running clock

15-9-6 reps

.......Thrusters (135/95, wt to get 15-20 UB)

.......Chest to Bar Pull-ups

*must go to next piece at 6:00

9-6-3 reps

.......Thrusters (165/115, wt to get 8-12 UB)

.......Bar Muscle Ups (Banded 1:1, 2:1 Chest to Bar Pulls)

*must go to run at 12:00

400m Run (for time)

*You will have 2 scores: and overall time and your 400m time.  You will need to look up at the clock when you start your run, then do the math to figure the actual time of the run.







MWOD:  technically better thrusters