Well after hearing all the moans about why we didnt do this one yesterday, i decided to bring it on out and really hit it up!  I want to tell you what has happened:  You have reached a point in your Crossfitness that you arent afraid of ANYTHING that gets handed to you.  We have done plenty of crazy workouts and you have the mental toughness to take anything on head first.  You have to realize just how important this is.  Its not about doing a workout that is hard for no reason, they all had a purpose.  But the hidden nugget you gained out of all of these crazy sessions is that when you now are confronted with a very difficult, painful, uncomfortable, tiring, etc situation, you know you will be able to make it through.  You know that you can take some pain and discomfort and make it to the end, no matter how bad it is.  This ability will allow you to be able to make it further than most because most people cant take ANY discomfort.  So all i can say is i am proud of all of you!  You are all so much stronger than you will ever know:) FEEL THE BURN!!!


modern hammer and anvil

Complete the Following:



30 min Clock:

…..100 Deadlifts (225/155, wt to get 18-25 UB)

…..100 Cleans (165/115, wt to get 10-15 UB)

…..100 Snatch (95/65, wt to get 12-18 UB)

*EMOM 2 reps Burpees

*You will have a max of 10 minutes at each movement.  If dont finish in that time then you move to the next movement.

**Good Luck!!!



SLO INFERNO ON RAMP CLASS:  by appointment




MWOD:  deadlift preppin

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HomJymq0VZE]