How focused are you when you work out?  Do things rattle you easily?  Do you get frustrated when you miss some double unders?  Do you get heated when you know you are beating someone and they finish before you?  Do you grow horns when someone takes your bar to do pull ups or toes to bar on?  Yes i can keep on going.  All of these things happen, and yes sometimes daily.....HOWEVER......if you allow yourself to lose your temper or get frustrated, then YOU are the one that ends up losing.  All of these things may be wrong and even rude, but the training you do here (whether its for competition or for life training) has multiple aspects to it.  1) Obviously the physical broad based general fitness aspect, 2) the mental toughness aspect where you push yourself to new limits, and finally 3) the tenacious and fortitude aspect.  This is the part where you improve your ability to work under stress, duress, and things going wrong all while you are tired.  Here is where you learn to stay calm and adapt and overcome obstacles.  There will be many things around that go wrong but if you WASTE energy getting freaked out about them, then you lose energy you could use for the workout.  If you miss some double unders, take a breath, stay calm, put the misses out of your head and begin nice and easy.  If someone miscounts and beats you, whether its intentional or not, let it go because you have your workout and they have theirs.  You will get the benefits from your workout.  NOT theirs.  If someone takes your bar, either jump up on another one, or take a break for a sec while they finish then hop up on it.  The only way it will ruin your workout is if you go slow on all the other parts because now you just got a little more rest.  Basically, stay in the game.  Keep working and move forward.  Deal with the things you can control.  Adapt the best you can and stay focused on the task at hand.  Its your workout so get the most out of it you can:) FEEL THE BURN!!!



INFERNO Warm-up  x 3

Complete the Following:



32 min EMOM:

.......Min 1)  2 Rope Climbs

.......Min 2)  4 reps Man Makers (50/35#, wt to get this done in about 40 secs)

.......Min 3)  6 reps Max Distance Broad Jumps (from full depth squat)

.......Min 4)  8 reps Power Cleans (155/105, wt to get this done in 30-40 secs)

*you should have 20-30 sec rest at each station.  If not scale so that you are working for 30-40 secs max.

**You dont have to start at station #1 but wherever you start make sure you stay in this order







MWOD:  hit the forearms todays workout