In training, Rx means nothing. But the great thing about the Open is that your task is to try to do it as rxed.  Now you my not be able to do it.  Maybe you have NEVER done one of the movements or one of the weights RXed before but thats ok!  Here you are given an opportunity to push yourself to accomplish what you have never accomplished before.  Yes you do have the chance to do it each and everyday but most people will not take the time or step up to the challenge.  This is what the Open does though.  It gives each of us a chance, an opportunity, to be pushed into doing something we normally wouldnt do.  Believe me that we have seen more PRs in weights and in movements during the Open simply because of this reason.  Commit yourself to the challenge!  See what you can do!  Let the Festival of Fitness drive you to new accomplishments!!

FEEL THE BURN!!! ___________________________


INFERNO Warm-up  x 3 Complete the Following: . . Double Tabata ....... Kb Swing (70#,53#, wt to get 20 UB) ....... Toes to Bar *1 round is 20 sec max reps of kb, 10 sec rest, 20 sec max T2B, 10 sec rest. We will do 8 rounds . . Then..... . . For Time: (18 min limit) ....... 10 reps Squat Snatch (155,105,wt to get 4-7 UB) ....... 20 reps Chest to Bar Pull ups ....... 30 reps Box jump overs (24",20") ....... 40 reps Wall Balls (20/15@10') ....... 50 reps Double Unders ....... 40 reps Wall Balls ....... 30 reps Box Jump overs ....... 20 reps Chest to Bar Pull Ups ....... 10 reps Squat Snatch . . SLO INFERNO ON RAMP CLASS Day 4: Nutrition (paleo&Zone), Snatch (pwr&Sqt), Clean (pwr&sqt) INTRO TO INFERNO - PASO ROBLES: none . . MWOD: better wall balls [youtube]