Ever had those days where you just arent having a good day in the gym?  You are tired, you are not focused, you are thinking about other things in your life, whatever it is.  It completely ruins your whole mindset for the workout.  Should you just go home?  Sometimes the answer is yes, but MOST of the time, the answer is NO.  If you are so tired that you cant get a good workout in then go home and get some sleep.  Rest and Recovery is MASSIVELY important.  Otherwise, 1) the choice may be to just suck it up.  We all have days where we really are just pussing out.  We fine excuses or reasons not to be there and workout.  Suck it up.  2) Change the environment.  Maybe you need some good music to get you going, or open the window so you can see the sun.  Make the environment better, put a smile on your face and you can almost trick yourself into thinking the day is good.  Then you get into it and you are right on track.  3)  Change the importance of the day from going heavy and going hard to lighter weight and working on form.  You can still do the exact same workout but you just alter the goal of the workout.  Its not that you are making it easy, just the emphasis is now different.  4) If all these fail, then just take it for what it is....its just a day out of the 364 other chances you have to better yourself.  Dont let it knock you down or bum you out.  Make the best of it, smile with your friends, enjoy the commeradre of the gym and then come back tomorrow to hit with a new attitude.  You will be back in no time:) FEEL THE BURN!!!



Dec 31: 630am, 745, 9, 12

Jan 1: closed, go to Cayucos Beach for Polar Plunge at 1130

Jan2: 5pm, 615pm

Jan3: normal


Dec 31: 530am, 9, 1015, 12

Jan 1: closed, go to Cayucos Beach

Jan 2: normal



INFERNO Warm-up  x 3

Complete the Following:



Clean Complex

....... 8 x 1

*1 rep= Clean Deadlift, Clean Pull (arms straight), Clean High Pull, Squat Clean, Jerk






15 min Continuous Clock:

12 min AMRAP:

.......3 reps Bar Muscle Ups (6 Chest to Bar Pull-ups)

.......6 reps Ring Dips

.......12 reps Wall Ball (30#@10'/20#@12', 20#@10'/15#@12')

3 min AMRAP:

.......Max Burpees







MWOD: unglue your legs!!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ploZzrbAdQs]