Well here we are at the final 2 weeks of the Paleo Challenge.  For those that did it....how did you do?  We call this a challenge instead of competition not because we dont want the pressure of others to help push you but that we want to strengthen your mind and your resolve to see just how much stick-to-it-ness you really have.  Its not easy to not eat all those good things that everyone around you is eating.  Its not easy to not have those ice cold beers on a hot day.  Its not easy to have to wake up and not have that sweet milky frothy creamy coffee drink you love so much.  But this experience is just like a looooooooong crossfit workout.  The object is to find ways to stay on track and keep moving forward.  From looking at the Facebook page and other communications between everyone, there seemed to be just that.  Those that feel off the wagon, we dont hate you or anything hahah.  You know what happened.  You know why you made the decisions you did.  But hopefully you still learned what a healthy lifestyle can do for you.  So, a week and a half left.  Any thoughts on your first "non-paleo" meal yet?? FEEL THE BURN!!!!!


INFERNO Warm-up  x 3

Complete the following:


For Time: (12 mins limit)

.......40 reps KB Swing (70#, 53#, wt to get at least 20 unbroken)

.......10 reps Box Jumps (24", 20")

.......30 reps KB Swing

.......20 reps Box Jumps

.......20 reps KB Swing

.......30 reps Box Jumps

.......10 reps KB Swing

.......40 reps Box Jumps






Box Squats


*keep shin vertical going down and back up



MWOD:  some box squat, hip and back work[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wH3a3RB9q4])