Being active means that you have an increased chance of getting hurt.  What decreases that chance of getting injured is moving correctly.  Each movement we do has a particular process that is bio-mechanically engrained in our DNA.  We are made to move this way.  But overtime, we inherit injuries due to trauma that we don't fix, we get lazy, we move wrong, we gain weight, and this changes the way we move.  So when someone comes to us, no matter what their athletic background, we will watch to see kind of movement or restrictions your body has.  We need to retrain proper movement back into their bodies.  This doesn't mean that we throw heavy weight on you.  It means we start you VERY light, even body weight and make you move within the boundaries of your proper movement.  As you are with us longer, we will eventually increase this range of motion and soon you'll be moving correctly.  As this happens, we can increase your weight.  Eventually you will get stronger and feel better than before you came in.  This improved movement will allow you to increase your intensity guessed it....decrease the chance of injury.  Lets see how far we can go! FEEL THE BURN!!!!!


INFERNO Warm-up  x 3

Complete the following:

. For Time:

Buy In:  30 reps Muscle Ups

       10 Rounds:
              5 reps Burpees
              10 reps Wall Ball (20#@10', 15#@10') ..




Overhead Squat:




MWOD:  Muscle up and Wall Ball Prep [youtube]