This is for all you "in-betweener" stachers out will get thicker![youtube]  

Is the training you do at the INFERNO enough?  Is it right for your goals?  For both of these questions, the answer is...."it depends".  What are your goals?  Now with this what we have to remember is something that Coach Glassman said way back in the beginning......The training for an aging grandmother and an elite athlete differ not by type but by intensity.  What this means is that what will determine if your training is right for you is "how intense you are doing it".  For those that are looking for just basic fitness goals, push yourself hard, have fun, mobilize, eat right, and get your rest!  You wont need to workout super hard for 5 days straight.  The general prescription is 3 days on and 1 day off.  If you are interested in trying some competitions, you need to ramp up the intensity in your workouts.  Learn to really push yourself on the different parts of the workout, get a little bit more specific help on your weaknesses, eat clean, get your rest, and recover right.  If you are looking to really compete and make this your sport, then you need to up your game in the gym.  When a workout comes up, you need to concentrate on making every rep count, getting yourself to push to new limits with pain tolerance, doing 1 more rep when you absolutely cant do another one, really concentrate on your skills and strength, push hard on not just on the met con but on all parts of the workout, mobilize before and roll out after, eat not just clean but zoned, get TONS of rest, take the supplements to recover, spend time doing auxillary workouts during open gym or really working on the weaknesses, etc.  So is the INFERNO training enough? I think it is a great core for your training.  Get to where you are doing these WODS Rx (or close to it) and done correctly.  Our training will get you ready!  We have shown improvements in all levels out members at the gym.  Be proud and confident about what your getting at YOUR gym!  Lets get after it!



INFERNO Warm-up  x 3

Complete the following:

. Fight Gone Bad:

       3 Rounds:

              With a continuous clock, 1 minute for max reps at each station
                     Wall Ball (20#@10', 15#@10')
                      Sumo Deadlift High Pull (75#, 55#)
                      Box Jumps (24", 20")
                      Push Press (75#, 55#)
                      Row (for calories)
                      1 minute rest
         Score total reps .



For Time:

400m Weighted Snatch Grip Overhead Walk (135#, 95#, wt you can do 15 OHS unbroken)

              *10 reps Back Squats each time you drop the bar ..ON RAMP CLASS - Day 6:  Mobility, Double Unders, Wall Balls, Thrusters



MWOD:   some work for the shoulders and hips for FGB [youtube]