Is your MO'vember 'stache coming to life or getting a personality of its own?[youtube] I saw a Instagram pic of Chris Spealler working out and on the picture was a phrase on it,  "passion has an uncanny way of surpassing logic".   I really like this quote.  When I read it I think about how dreams can be pretty huge and seemingly unattainable.  But, if you are truly passionate about what you are doing, give it everything you possibly can, only then will you even have a chance to attain your dream.  Many of us have dreams that seem to be 100% impossible.  But impossible to who?  If you don't think you can do it, or even have a shot, then don't waste your time.  But if your dream is to do something that is well within your grasp, then again why is it a dream???  If it's well within your reach then you are just playing safe.  Dreams aren't meant to be safe.  They are meant to be extraordinary!!!  Reach for the stars and don't let anything steer you away from it. Let.  That passion will allow you to blow right by what you are supposed to be able to do! Go get it!!



INFERNO Warm-up  x 3

Complete the following:

. With a Continuous Clock: (21 minutes)

       1)  5 Min AMRAP:

                   Max Reps Unbroken Kettle Bell Swing until dropped (70#, 53#, wt to get at least 30+ reps)
                   With Remaining time, Max Reps Double Unders (If no double unders then do attempts for rest of time)
       3 Minute Rest
      2)  5 Min AMRAP:
                   Max Reps Unbroken Overhead Squats until dropped (115#, 75#, wt to get at least 25+ reps)
                   With Remaining time, Max Reps Burpees
       3 Minute Rest
       3)  5 Min AMRAP:
                   400m Run
                   With Remaining time, Max Reps Power Snatch (75#, 55#, wt to get at least 15 unbroken) .


Deadlift Tabata:


       8 rounds of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds rest.  4 minutes total
              *(315#, 215#, wt to get at least 5 reps unbroken)
. MWOD:  un-glue your hammy bits [youtube]