Once again we are going to do the Lurong Paleo Challenge at the INFERNO's.  So should you do it?  YES!!  Why???  Once again, you cant really keep yourself on track if there isn't anything to keep on track for.  What the challenge does is give you a reason!  Its a 8 week challenge to see what eating, living and training right will do for you.  It holds you accountable for your eating, for your rest, your recovery and your workouts.  There are a bunch of competitions coming up over the next couple months.  Whats better than making sure you are on track so that your performance can go through the roof!!!  This is an opportunity that you shouldn't miss.  It doesn't matter if you have done our paleo challenges before or not.  Put yourself to the test and see how true you are! MAKE SURE YOUR CHECK OUT THE LINK TO THE 2ND ANNUAL INFERNO FAMILY BEACH BASH!!!  THIS IS A COMPETITION WILL TEST YOUR FITNESS LIKE NO OTHER FITNESS COMPETITION!  YOU WONT BE ABLE TO REPLICATE THESE EVENTS IN YOUR BOX!!!  REGISTER TODAY!!!



INFERNO Warm-up  x 3

Complete the following:

. For Time:

      4 Rounds: (15 min max)

20 reps Kettle Bell Swing

*(70#, 53#, wt you can get 20 reps unbroken)

10 reps Front Squats

*(205#, 145#, wt you can get 10 reps in rd 1)

5 reps Wall Walks

*(45 sec hold on the wall) .





Hang Snatch Complex:


*1 rep = 2 hang snatch pulls, 1 hang squat snatch .


MWOD: working that patellar tendon pain [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RYMV0salw8]