Sleep....are you getting it?  Getting enough sleep is like making sure you get enough fish oil, or are eating the right foods.  Its when you body heals its self.  Sorry not a long fancy blog, but still important.  Sleep your self better! FEEL THE BURN!!!!!


INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:

. AMRAP for 30 minutes:

      200m run

      2 Rounds of "Mary"
            5 reps Hand Stand Push-ups
            10 reps Pistols (1 legged squats)
            15 reps Pull-ups ..then.....



Do some Mobility!!:

. .

ON RAMP CLASS - Day 4: Nutrition (Paleo, Zone), Cleans (power&squat), Snatch (power&squat)


MWOD: Floss the ankle to get better squat positions and pistols! [youtube]