Community is what makes the INFERNO family.  Only in this gym can you get people from every walk of life, ages up and down the time line, all listening to some loud music and improving their fitness together.  One of the most important things you can do as a member of this family is that when you see someone you don't know, make sure you go up and say hello!  You remember that first time you came in here?  There was a sense of nervousness, even scared.  You knew the workouts would be hard but when you don't have anyone to share it with, its really sucks.  Welcome everyone you see.  Everyone needs a good smile when they do a workout like ours!  Show them some INFERNO love:) FEEL THE BURN!!!!!

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INFERNO Warm-up  x 3

Complete the following:

. With a continuous clock:

     1)   6 minutes:
                  21-15-9 reps
                        Squats Cleans (135#, 95#, or wt for 15 reps unbroken min)
                        Ring Dips
            ***4 minutes rest****
     2)   6 minutes:
                   Push Jerk off Rack
                           *find a good 1RM push jerk in the time
             ***4 minutes rest****
      3)   6 minutes:
                   Max Distance Row
              ***4 minutes rest****
       4)  6 minutes:
                     9-7-5-3 reps
                           Front Squats (205#, 145#, wt for 9 reps tough)
                     3-5-7-9 reps
                           Deficit Hand Stand Push Ups (9", 4" or tough 3-5 reps)
***Trainer will set your group and your order, but you will do all 4 parts
ON RAMP CLASS - Day 6:  Mobility, Double Unders, Wall Balls, Thrusters ..MWOD:  remember to go up and down river [youtube]