Thats right!  YOU have now made it to the final day of the 2013 CrossFit Games Regional Competition and you are hitting the first event of the day!!!  Ok not really, but you are doing the workout for that last day.  How the heck is it possible to do something this crazy?  Well first, it's not crazy.  Its just a workout and something very close to what we do on a regular basis.  We are known to do some pretty heavy and brutal workouts, but this is to prepare you for either life or competition.  Sure we do the high rep light weight stuff also, but here, we are NOT afraid to go big.  Strength is a very important factor and every athlete, whether a runner or a wrestler and everything in between, can benefit from more strength.  But of course this is a relative thing.  My max weight may be more or less than your max weight.  But the idea is to do YOUR weight that is needed in the workout.  Today is one of those days.  find the weight that works for you so that you get the desired result and go for it!  Your strength will increase and your athletic benefits will increase also!  Now go get that PODIUM!!! FEEL THE BURN!!!!!

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"Final Days"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


For Time: (15 min max)

100 reps Double Unders (2:1 Singles)

50 reps Hand Stand Push Ups

40 reps Toes to Bar

30 reps Shoulder to Overhead (165#, 100#)

90' Front Rack Walking Lunge (165#, 100#)




Squat Cleans: (10 mins)


*first set is a warm up and 2nd set is 70% of 1RM, increase weight each time.


ON RAMP CLASS Day 4: Nutrition, Clean (Squat and Power), Snatch (Squat and Power)


MWOD.......fixing the front rack, the opus wod for the shoulder



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