You hear us say all the time to drive your knees out in your squats.  The reason for this is that we want you to utilize more muscles than just your quads.  However, we also want so torque built up in your hips to help get you out of the bottom.  What we end up seeing is knees out but your feet are turned out also.  With your feet out, you lose the torque.  So what we are wanting you to do is to "screw your feet into the ground."  To do this, plant your feet on the ground, straight ahead, then physically turn your femurs externally...but dont let your feet move.  This will generate a ton of torque in your hips.  If you do this and then go into your squat, you will actually feel your body wanting to pop out of the bottom.  So ANYTIME you need to squat down whether its a squat, a clean, a snatch, etc, think about this and see if it helps you get that little extra out of the bottom:) FEEL THE BURN!!!!!

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"Barbell Love"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


Partner WOD Every 2 minute for 20 minutes:

     Min 1)  4 reps Thrusters

*135/95, 145/105, 155/115, 165/120, 175/125, 185/130, 195/135, 205/140, 215/145, 225/150.  these are the RX weights.  If you are unable to start here then start at a weight that is relatively easy.  Increase weight until you fail and stay there until you make it.

     Min 2)  Double Unders

*Max reps for 30 seconds (sub: with max singles)

***Partner 1 starts the BB first and Partner 2 starts the 30 seconds of max DU.  Do your best to get the weights switched before the minute is up so that you both have time to do the lifting




MWOD.... fixing issues of the front rack position



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