CrossFit Box etiquette is a very unique thing.  Most Boxes, like ours, are warehouses without all the glitz and glamor of the "health clubs"/globo gyms.  They are minimalistic in their approach and they can be dusty, cob webby, etc.  So how could there be box etiquette in a place like this?  Well there is.  Lets go over a few of them.  1) If you take equipment out, put the equipment back where it is supposed to go. When you pay for a trainer, you are paying for them to spend time with you not putting things away.  2) If you get a cup of water.....THROW IT AWAY IN THE TRASH!!!!!  Sometimes I think that you forget that you are adults and your mom isnt here at the gym with you.  3) The Chalk is meant to STAY in the bucket.  Do not take a little chunk of chalk and keep it with you at your little area.  IT IS ALWAYS FORGOTTEN!!!  And then we blow through chalk.  We know you all want to use it so please help to treat it right.  Also, chalk is meant for a light dusting, NOT A PAINTING OF THICK WHITE PASTE.  And do all of that in the bucket.  And 4) any of your tape, band-aides, old water bottles, etc need to be thrown away by you.  I know you wouldn't want to be sitting down to put your shoes on and you end up sitting on a used band-aide. Its gross.  Come on now kids!  Lets all be grown ups here and keep the place clean!


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"White Stripes"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


 For Time:

     Buy in: 30 Burpees

     3 Rounds:

          200m Backwards Running

          15 reps Squat Snatch (155#, 105#)

     Cash out: 30 Wall Balls (20#@10', 15#@10')




Walking Front Rack Carry

     5 rounds to find Max Weight for 100'.  Taken off the racks


ON RAMP CLASS Day 6: Discuss Mobility, Double Unders, Wall Balls Thrusters


MWOD........Some help for the snatch! Gotta love that!

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