What do you think when you step up to the bar for a 1RM?  Whats goimg through your head as you hear 3,2,1 GO?  Is it something different that if you are going into a job interview?  Or a tryout? Or asking some hottie for their number?  In all reality, its all the same thing.  There are 2 things that can happen:  you succeed or you fail.  There are so many times that we hear that the voice in our head that we will fail and the succeed voice is a "wish".  It amazing how much self confidence plays in your life.  Im not talking cocky.  If you walk around acting like you are better than everyone else.....well I personally hope you lose, and lose bad.  Self confidence is confident in your abilities.  Know what you have, what you have done to prepare yourself for your current position or what you have to offer.  Take the pressure off of yourself by not expecting to succeed or fail, but by expecting to do the absolute very best you could.  If it leaves you in the top slot then cool!  If it leaves you short, then you cant be upset with your performance. BUT, examine the whole thing and see where you need to make improvements.  NEVER be afraid of failing.  Keep expectations of yourself HIGH! 


__________________________ DSC_0026

"Chasing Reps"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


With a 10 min Time Limit:

      200 rep Double Unders

      With time remaining, AMRAP:

            7 reps Dumbbell Thrusters (50#, 35#)

            14 reps Deadlift (185#, 125#)




Snatch Pulls


          *do the first 2 pulls on the snatch.  work to get WAY above your 1RM.  These are touch and go.


MWOD........are you doing doubles right?  Or are you making bad habits that transfer to your lifting?
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXQpQdKCdgQ]

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