The date has been set!!!!  The First Annual Inferno Family Beach Bash will be held on September 22 at Avila Beach!!  This 4 workout, 1 day event, will use CrossFit workouts in the beach environment!  What better way to enjoy the day and your training!  This is an open competition but spaces are limited and you need to sign up online for this event!  Check the link here for more information and the registration link!!!!


__________________________ DSC_0003

"Meat Locker"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


For Time:

     8/2/16, 6/2/12, 4/2/8, 2/2/4 reps (20 min max)

          Stone to shoulder (moderatly heavy, must use a second mat if over 95#)

          Rope Climbs (Sub: 15 pull-ups total)

          Vertical Leap (2' over outreach hand, 1.5' over outreached hand)




100m Walk (155#, 105#)

     *with the bar in a front rack position, do 2reps walking lunges(rt+lt=1 rep), then 1 push jerk until you get to the end of the 100m.  If you drop the bar you, you must pick it up and do 2 front squats before you can move forward. 


ON-RAMP:  Day 6: Double Unders, Wall Balls, Thrusters


MWOD........opening the hips to get a better position for the stone lift!

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