The easiest thing in the world is to come up with an excuse about why not to workout.  Tired, hungry, to busy, etc.  Sure life can get in the way sometimes.  But it NEEDS to be important to you to NOT let your workout slip away without you getting something that day.  We exist in a world of routine, and even though we say routine is the enemy when it comes to your workouts, routine is great when we have our workout time routined into our time frame.  Remember our bodies want to come to an equilibrium in EVERYTHING that we do!  So if you get yourself used to workout all the time, then your body will want to stay that way. If you get yourself eating right, then your body will want to stay doing that.  All you have to do is get your body to that point.  It usually takes about 15-18 days of consistency.  So don't wait until tomorrow to get going!  Hit it up today!  If it was really important, then you wouldn't wait until tomorrow!! Make it today!!!


__________________________ DSC_0039

"Glory Balls"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


With Continuous Clock: (15 min time limit)

     Buy In:

          30 reps Toes to Bar

     2 Rounds for Time:

          25 reps Right Arm Kettle Bell Snatch (53#, 35#)

          25 reps Wall Balls (20#@10", 15#@10')

          25 reps Left Arm Kettle Bell Snatch (53#, 35#)

          25 reps Wall Balls (20#@10', 15#@10")

    Cash Out:

          20 reps Hand Stand Push-up




Snatch Balance


          *with each set, each rep consists of a Snath Balance and 3 Overhead Squats.  Increase in your weight.


MWOD........a litle help on the wall balls

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