The commmunity of the box is the life blood of the box.  Sure the training, programming and coaching that you receive is why you are here.  You want those fitness benefits and we WILL make sure that you are getting the absolute best so that you can get those goals accomplished.  The family part is something that YOU are needed to help build.  We all workout hard together.  But this is just part of it.  A family isnt a family if they only spend 1 hour of the day together.  Its about celebrating together, playing together, experiencing together, competiting together!  Sure not everyone that comes to the INFERNO Family is looking for people to hang out with.  But if any of you were ever on a sport team or a club, im sure you remember how it was to train hard and play hard with your group.  We ae lucky enough to have Shawn Guy to really drive many of our family activities.  And as happy as we are to have him, its not excluded to just him.  IF any of you have any cool ideas for things to do, shout them out on he Inferno Family Facebook page and lets have some fun!!  I ahve already seen some chatter about a bunch of people going Stand Up Paddling!  AWESOME!!!  Keep it going!!!!!  But if you havent heard we have the Family BBQ on August 26 at Cuesta Park, and then the First Annual Avila Beach Bash Competiton on September 22 at Avila Beach!!!  Lets get CRAZY!!!!!


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"Lower Half"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


For Time:

     100 Barbell Walking Lunges (95#, 65#)

          *every 10 lunges, do 5 back squats. Keep bar on your back for the lunges




5 Rounds:

     Max Double Unders

     Max Handstand Push-ups

          *if you are kipping, your count stops when you break your cadence. If strict then go until you fail.


MWOD........a little shoulder assist to get your body solid to carry weight for the squats and lunges[youtube]

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