Intensity isn't measured by how fast your heart is beating, by how much strain there is on your face, or how much sweat you are leaving on the floor.  Its based strictly on the amount of work you are finishing in a particular time, with the shorter the time, the more Intensity there is.  It means you must do more reps, at more weight, FASTER!  Intensity will bring about favorable adaptations by the body that you are looking for.  So, if you want to lose more weight, increase the Intensity.  You want to get stronger, increase the Intensity. You want a better Fran time, increase the Intensity.  You want to look better naked, increase the Intensity!  Today is a great time to test how much Intensity you can bring.  Go as hard and as fast as you can today!  Drive the car until the wheels fall off just to see what happens.  It may be a little crazy but think about what you can learn pushing like that.  And the more you get used to being in this uncomfortable position, the more you will be able to hang out.....and REAP THE BENEFITS!!!!  Today, GO FAST...and GO HEAVY!!!


__________________________ Usain-620_1561321a

"Usain's Bolt"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


10 Rounds:

     100m Sprint

       10 reps Burpees

       30 sec Rest




Clean and Jerk


          *you have 30 seconds to get the 3 reps in.  These ARE NOT touch and go.  The point is to go HEAVY but fast!


MWOD........WHOA!!!  so it looks like icing a swollen injury is WRONG!!!  check this vid out.  Its pretty crazy!


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