The body is an amazing machine, no doubt!  It will do everything it can to be as efficient as possible.  So the more you do of the same thing (lots of running, lots of cycling, lots of weight lifting, etc) your body will morph its self to be able to best at that.  If you are watching the Olympics (and I really hope you are), look at the bodies of the athletes.  These are the best "fringe" athletes in the world.  NOT TAKING ANYTHING AWAY FROM THEIR AMAZING ABILITIES!!!  However, if you look at them, you can see what doing the same thing does to the body.  When people think they want to look better, most people thing its all about running.  I have to say, personally, that I would not like to look like a runner.  A sprinter body would be much better.  Look at the wrestlers, the lifters, the gymnasts.  Wait a minute....lifting, gymnastics, high intensity met con, moving odd objects???  Hmmmmmm sounds like a Crossfitter to me!  This is why we take the best of the programs out there to make the best YOU!  But, we can still appreciate those athletes too:)


__________________________ DSC_0080

"Hello Hips!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


Front Squats


          *warm up with 2 good sets first. Pause at the bottom for 3 seocnds on each rep.  Rest only 90 seconds between each set.  Move quickly!




4 Rounds:

     4 reps Box Jumps (40", 32")

     8 reps Weighted Chin-ups (50#, 25#)

     12 reps Overhead Squats (135#, 95#)

. the psoas so that you can keep the torso straight in your squat

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