Have you ever thought about CrossFit as an addiction? There are so many good things that come along with the CrossFit lifestyle:  the movements, the mobility, the workouts, the nutrition, the mental toughness, the confidence, etc.  All of these are great things.  But are we ever forgetting the reason why we love it and do it?  Do we do it because we need to beat people to feel good?  Are we doing it because we think that if we don't we will get fat?  Are we doing it because we need to hear the coaches and the others cheering for us?  Sometimes its hard to honestly think about why we like what we do in the box so much.  Remember why you are here: to make your life better and more functional for longer by improving your fitness.  Keeping this in mind will allow you to enjoy your workouts without the stress.  You don't need to be first.  You don't need to be the best.  You need to constantly strive to do your best compared to YOU.  The other people in there are just to help keep you going.  It NEEDS to be fun or its not worth it and you will get burned out .  Don't let that happen to this wonderful world you have set up for yourself!  Reap the benefits and enjoy the ENTIRE trip!


__________________________ DSC_0215


INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


EMOM for 30 minutes:

     3 reps Hand Stand Push-ups

     4 reps Pull-ups

     5 reps Pistols (4 reps each leg)



MWOD........some Mary like prepping for overhead and the pistol
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuXxwQfBdu8]

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