We talk about bettering your movement all the time.  We talk about bettering your nutrition all the time.  We talk about bettering your mobility all the time.  We talk about bettering your mental toughness all the time.  Crossfit is about taking the best for any program that is out there and blending it into your routine so that you are able to reap the benefits to become the best YOU you can be!  Whenever I find something or someone that might benefit you, I will let you know.  I'm not saying it will solve every problem you have, but the only way to see if something really works, or works for you, is to test it/try it.  I recently found out about a guy named John Kim that runs a website called THE ANGRY THERAPIST.  Kim is a Marriage Family Therapist, works with people with additions and is an avid Crossfitter.  I just read a book of his called MIND/SET.  Its a book that talks about how to better yourself by seeing yourself, and thinking about yourself, in the proper ways.  We all hear that little negative voice in our head when we are WOD-ding and when things get tough.  This books talk about where that voice comes from, how to change the voice, and how to have more positive things happen in your life.  Check it out!!!


__________________________ DSC_0010

"Deja vu"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


With continuous running clock:

     AMRAP in 8 min:

          5 reps Shoulder to Overhead (185#, 125#)

          10 reps Chest Slapping Push-ups

          15 reps Air Squat Jumps

               *do an air squat and then jump up so that you do a tuck jump in the air.

     Rest 3 minutes

     AMRAP in 6 minutes

          Same as above

     Rest 2 minutes

     AMRAP in 4 minutes

     ***For each new AMRAP start with the Shoulder to Overhead.



How Long to accumulate 3 minutes in "L-sit"


MWOD........are you getting held up by your own shoulder when going overhead?  Try this!
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMLafrHPIPA]

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