I'm watching the Olympics right now and there are some amazing stories.  Athletes winning that weren't supposed to.  Others losing that were expected to win.  Obviously the pressure of the Olympics is huge.  And if you were one of these athletes who has dreamed about the this competition since you were a kid and you know it comes around only every 4 years...the pressure gets gigantic!  However the pressure these athletes feel is nothing different than what all of you deal with in your own worlds.  How do you deal with pressure?  Being an athlete myself for many years, I have realized something, the worse thing you can do is to "try not to fail".  What I mean by this is if you think about failing then you start directing your path towards failing.  You need to mentally start the momentum towards success.  See yourself performing the way you want to perform.  Don't worry about winning or losing, just think about performance.  That's usually pretty easy in the beginning until you get going and you start to hit some road blocks.  Something doesn't go your way, now what do you do?  Get frustrated?  Get angry? Say you are "over it"?  Quit?  NO!  You MUST keep your head in the game!  It doesn't matter if its an important game, an interview, a workout, a test, etc.  Focus on your performance and if there are bumps in the road, move forward.  Think about each move or question as a separate thing. Dont let any fails on past things enter into your head, even if it just  happened.  Keep the momentum positive! Head up and perform!


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"Feels Different"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


3 Rounds for Time:

     7 reps Two-fer Squat Snatches (135#, 95#)

         *1 rep is 1 squat snatch, stand up, then do 1 Overhead Squat

     14 reps "L" Pull-ups




Press Series

     4 Rounds for max weight, rest as needed between rounds

          *Max reps on Shoulder Press until fail, without putting the bar down, Max reps on Push Press until fail, without putting the bar down, Max Push Jerks until fail.


MWOD........ultimate overhead squat mobility![youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdaWLKnbYUc]

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