There is a natural tendency to do things which we are good, rather than doing things which we are bad.  This is were the dreaded "cherry picking" of workouts here at the gym happens.  I know that if I was to put a 10k run on the workout board, we would probably have very few people showing up. The problem is that if we miss those workouts we hate, then we miss an opportunity to improve ourselves.  If we are already good at running and then we run a whole bunch more and become even a little better at running, does anyone really notice?  But if a runner starts lifting and gets stronger, then people start to see that they are good at something else and will be talking about that.  But this takes works!  It's hard to put yourself into a position where you arent going to be able to blow doors on people and crush the field.  Its hard to do something that you know you will be crushed by everyone!  But as you improve, then thats one less thing that is a weakness.  You become more well rounded, a more finely tuned athletic individual and able to do more things better.  Isn't that better than doing the same thing every week?  I think so too:)

The On Ramp Classes are going great!!!!  Remeber, you guys can go to both the SLO and the Northern Inferno to get through your 6 classes.  These classes will make your workouts better and more efficient so you can get the most out of them!  Keep up the great work!!!


__________________________ DSC_0062

"After Burner"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


4 Rounds:

     20 reps Burpees

     25 reps Wall Balls (20#@10', 15#@10')

     10 reps Deadlift (315#, 215#)

     ......90 secs rest.....

     *the point here is go as fast as you can and not break the set or stop until the rest time




4 Rounds:

     5 reps Front Squat (155#, 105#)

     50m walk with weight in Front Rack Position

     *you CAN NOT drop the bar at anytime during this part.  If you do you owe 3 reps Burpee Clean and Jerk with your weight PER DROP at the end of your 4 rounds


MWOD........ lets get those shoulders externally rotated to fix that front rack position

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