CrossFitters talk all the time about eating a certain way, living a certain way, working out a certain way, etc.  And we can be VERY loud about it.  But how many actually follow what they they preach 100%?  I think on the whole the masses do a decent job, but we have to remember that 1) talk is cheap (because there were all kinds of non paleo foods and drinks being had even at the Games!), and 2) the only person who actually benefits from doing the things you are talking about is you.  You aren't cooler because you eat grass fed beef.  You aren't a better person because you do a 3 on 1 off workout schedule.  This lifestyle we lead isn't done so that we can throw it in peoples faces.  Its supposed to be done so that we can lead a longer, more functional life than if we didn't.  Now of course I think that the way we eat, workout and live is better than what everyone else is doing out there, and yes ill even say I'm a fitness snob.  But again, I do this stuff for me and my family.  If people want to know what I am doing, I'll be happy to tell them.  But I wont force it on them.  If someone wants some ideas on how to be more flexible or wanting to get rid of some back pain or some extra pounds, yes, I have some information for them.  We are CrossFitters and we do some silly crazy things, but remember that it took you sometime to make the switch.  Don't expect the world to switch in 2 days. Give the world a chance before you judge them.  They will be there but just not yet:)

ON-RAMP Class starts tonight at 730pm.  This is a required class for all of our unlimited and 2/wk workout members.  It is a $50 class and will be 6 one hour sessions to complete it.  It wont count against your session count if you have a 2/wk plan.  BUT WE NEED YOU TO TAKE THE CLASS AND GET THAT SPECIALIZED INSTRUCTION ON OVER 20 DIFFERENT MOVEMENTS!!!!  There will be a workout at the end of the instruction also!


__________________________ Chipper

"Chippin away!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


For Time:

     10 reps Overhead Squat (155#, 105)

     10 reps Box Jumps Over the Box (24", 20")

     10 reps Thrusters (135#, 95#)

     10 reps Power Cleans (205#, 125#)

     10 reps Toes to Bar

     10 reps Burpee Muscle Ups

     10 reps Toes to Bar

     10 reps Power Cleans

     10 reps Thrusters

     10 reps Box Jumps

     10 reps Overhead Squats




Back Squat


          *Warm up then go heavy.  1st set should be at 80% of 1RM


MWOD........get a little happy baby and work that grundle do open those hips for your squats

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