Here's a little video my friend from Canada, Marty Cej, did while we were all at the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games this past week.  A little video just trying to explain what the GAMES really are![youtube]


The NEW On Ramp Class will start at the INFERNO tomorrow at 730pm, Friday at 730pm, and Saturday at 1045am.  These time will ALWAYS be the On-Ramp Class!!  There are 6 different sessions and those that have not had the Foundations Class, you one of our Unlimited or 2/wk workout plans, or you want to improve your knowledge, safety, and efficiency in many of the movements in CrossFit and the Inferno Training need to take this class.  It costs $50 and gets you 2 more weeks of time in your first month!!!


__________________________ DSC_0053

"Clean up"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


With a Continuous Clock:

    Every 30 sec for 5 minutes:

         5 reps Power Clean (185#, 125# or 65%1RM)

1 minute rest.....

    Every 30 sec for 5 minutes:

         3 reps Any Clean (235#, 150# or 75%1RM)

1 minute rest....

    Every 30 sec for 5 minutes

         1 rep Any Clean (265#, 175# or 95%1RM)




8 Rounds:

     28 reps Double Unders

      7 reps Deficit Hand Stand Push Ups (4", 2")


MWOD........a little bottom up set for the pull.  Give it a try

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