So much of what we do is try to open your eyes to the correct movements, the way we should be eating and why, and what certain things to do to get to the most functional life possible.  The main thing is that we give you information and ways to check it out.  The best way to check something out is to test it.  If you try something and you get results, then you can use these results to form an opinion or a more complete answer.  What we preach to you are things that have been recorded in published studies and also tested by us.  We challenge you to do the same.  The point of all this is to keep your eyes and ears open to whats out there.  If you see something that seems different than what you know, check into it.  And please ask your trainers also.  We have come across many of these questions in our own research as well as answering the "why" on so many things we can really help.  Do you have any questions?

On Ramp Class is starting next week.  At Northern Inferno it will be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8-9pm.  At the SLO Inferno, it will be Thursday, Friday at 730-830pm and 1045am on Saturday.  But the SLO Inferno will not be running this first week due to being closed for the GAMES!!


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INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


For Time 4 Rounds:

     25 reps Pull-ups

     25 reps Back Squats (135#, 95#)

     25 reps Hand Stand Push-ups

     25 reps Kettle Bell Swings (53#, 35#)




Hang Power Snatch


          *the object is to go up but all of these should be over 80% of your 1RM.


MWOD........for a possible pr on  your snatch, some thoracic love

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