What an AMAZING group we had come out to the July 4th Beach Workout at Cayucos Beach yesterday!!!  28 people were throwing Kettle Bells, Crab Walking with Sand Bags and Burpee Broad Jumping across the beach!  And wow how you blew the minds of all the people watching!!!!  Bummed that others of you weren't able to make it out.  Its events like this where the community of the Inferno Family holds strong.  I know that everyone has tons going on in their lives, believe me I KNOW!  But dont think that your workout family is only for working out.  We have so many fun people in our group and our group gets tighter as we do other things together as well.  If you have any ideas of fun things for the group to do, let me know and we can get it up on facebook or in the gym.  Lets do some fun stuff!!!



__________________________ Beachwod group

"Explosive BOOM"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


For Time:

     15 reps Thruster (135#, 95#)

     12 reps Burpees

     12 reps Thursters

     12 reps Burpees Kettlebells and beach

       9 reps Thrusters

     12 reps Burpees

      6 reps Thursters

     12 reps Burpees

      3 reps Thrusters

     12 reps Burpees






     *touch and go and go heavy!


MWOD........whats up with PNF for deadlift?
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swytqZLmdao]

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