There was a time when Crossfitters would sport nothing but some Old School Chucks and board shorts.  Soon you started to see things like the "Five finger" shoes.  Crossfitters were minimalist athletes who were trying to be good at everything.  Today, you will see compression pants, belts, lifting shoes, gymnastic straps, wrist wraps....and the list goes on!  MAN This sport is getting expensive!!!!  But do we need to buy all this stuff?  This gets us back into the fitness versus sport discussion.  If you are training for fitness, I would say not to use these tools.  You wont have them in the real world so why train with them?  The object in fitness is to be ready for anything using the body that you have been given.  Train with what you have in the most natural way possible.  When it comes to sport, the idea is to push your limits beyond what your body alone can handle.  Belts, wraps, shoes, etc all help your body to do more than it could on its own.  To compete you need to be able to push those limits of your body and these will do it.  This isn't to say that one is right and the other is wrong.  But they are different directions for different goals.  Choose your goal and go but remember, this is the machine you are stuck with for life.  Take care of it!

Next month we will be starting our new ON-RAMP FOUNDATIONS CLASS!!!  This program is six one hour sessions that will give you the 9 basic moves in crossfit as well as training in the pull-up series, olympic lifting, kettle bells, thrusters and double unders.  It will be a 2 week session on Thursday, Friday and Saturday in SLO.  We will also be doing the same class at the Northern Inferno on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  This will allow for EVERYONE to get through this important class!!  Stay tuned for info!!!


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"Thrust it up!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


Squat Clean Thrusters

      With a continous running clock, use the first 10 minutes to find a good 1RM, then the second 10 minutes to do:

          *EMOM for 10 minutes:  1 rep of 85% your 1RM Thruster




4 Rounds:

     12 steps OHS Grip Walking Lunges (185#, 115#)

     8 reps Power Cleans (185#, 115#)


MWOD........we have seen it before for thrusters only because its that good for thrusters!

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