Its a beautiful day. The sun is out.  Everyone is planning on heading to the beach or the park for some fun, drinks, etc.  So do you forget your training for the day? It would be very easy to do so.  Would you lose much if you didn't train?  Probably not.  Would you gain much if you trained?  Hopefully so.  So should you try to get something in before you go join the fun?  But the gym isn't open! NOW WHAT???  If you are a CrossFitter, and I'm guessing that you are reading this blog because you are, then you can find something to do.  There are plenty of body weight workouts in CrossFit. There are even some good 4 minute workouts.  How about 7 minutes of Burpees?  Have any big weird objects you can lift? I bet you do!  Have any small children around you can use as weight?  CrossFit used to be known as "that fast workout that's intense so you don't have to be in the gym for 2 hours".  With that being the case, go a little old skool! Pick an object, move it quickly, move it a distance and do a couple rounds.  Then get a shower and go to the beach!  Get it in because you can!!


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"Bowling Balls"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


For Time:

     Buy in: 30 reps Hand Stand Push-ups

     4 Rounds:

          5 reps Muscle ups

          10 reps Toes to Bar

          15 reps Kettle Bell Swing (53#, 35#)

     Cash out:  15 reps Wall Walks




Split Jerk


. the hip like you work the shoulder to support the split jerk

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