Oh the shoulders!!!  We need to take the correct measures to keep our upper arm bone (humerus) properly tucked into the shoulder socket so that we can have correct movement of that joint.  Whether you are pushing as in a push-up, doing cleans, snatches, deadlifts, etc, your shoulders have to be placed properly.  For any of the push-up movements, let the head of your humerus sink back into the shoulder joint before you start to move.  This will enable you to arrive at the bottom in a strong and stable position to drive out of.  If you start with your shoulders reaching forward, then as you get to the bottom of the push-up, your shoulder will rotate forward trying to make up the stability.  This is where you will strain the tendons and front deltoid muscle fibers.  In the cleans, if you reach down to grab the bar then your shoulders are not locked back and stable.  This will force you to have to sit upright more to keep your upper back from folding over and then you wont have the snap as you pull yourself down because of the improper arm positioning. It will be a sloppy pull.  When you set the shoulders back and keep them then as you lower yourself to the bar then it locks everything up top for a strong pull.  One of the best ways I have seen to help with this is to lay on your back with a dumbbell and let the weight move that shoulder back into position.  It really works!  Check the video below!


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"Hey Hey Yogi!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


12 min AMRAP:

     3 rounds of Bear Complex (135#, 95#)

          *1 round of Bear Complex:1 rep of each movement (power clean, front squat, shoulder press, back squat, shoulder press, then touch and go off the floor again) without putting the bar down at anytime in the 3 rounds

     15 reps Box Jumps (30", 26")




Push Press


          *warm up well then go heavy!!!  Do not let yourself the lean forward on your "dip-drive"!


MWOD........mmmmm shoulders!
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0Elx93duAA]

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