I saw this again on the Games Facebook site.  It asked the question if you should ever sacrifice form for competition.  This was accompanied buy a pic of a girl doing a clean and struggling to catch it.  I read all the comments, and there were tons.  The VAST majority of them all said that you should NEVER sacrifice form for competition.  I don't agree with this.  First I need to say that we preach form all the time.  We want to keep all of you safe each and everyday.  However, if you are doing a workout and your form is picture perfect, then you are going WAY to slow, or its way to light for you.  Perfect form will, and should occur during the warm up.  The Intensity isn't there, the weight is usually lower and so the stresses on your body are much less.  Once the weight gets heavy and you start to get fatigued, form will start to slip into the good realm.  This is still plenty safe to do these lifts.  You should still be trying to hold the form together but its not about being picture perfect now.   Now its about going fast and hard.  If the form gets to a point where it is unsafe then its time to stop and revamp the workout.  When you are in a competition, now it doesn't really matter what it looks like as long as the parameters are meet. So you may be a bit sloppy on some stuff, but this is because you are going faster then you even had.  You will be trying to complete the task before anyone else and you will be forced to take risks and lift if you are too fatigued, run if you are too tired and carry even if you barely able to stand.  However, just because its competition, yo have to realize that there can be consequences if the dice is rolled and you have to be willing to accept it:)  So just go fast and hard all the time, keep it in the good range.......This means do it today!!!!

We are going to be staring a new Foundations Class starting next month.  It will be called the On-Ramp Class.   This class will teach you the 9 basic moves in CrossFit but will also give you time on pull-ups, muscle-ups, Kettle Bell Swings and Double Unders.  Stay tuned tot he website for more info!!


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INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


Tabata Deadlift (315#, 215#)

     *8 rounds of 20 seconds max reps and then 10 seconds of rest.  Total time of 4 minutes and scored by total number of reps completed.


Tabata Overheads and Pull-ups (135#, 95#)

     * same as above except one round is 20 seconds of Pull ups, 10 seconds rest, then 20 seconds of Overhead Squats and 10 seconds rest.  Round time is 1 minute and total workout time is 8 minutes.


Row Sprint

     *500m row for time 2 times but not right after each others.  Have at least a round of rest.


MWOD........treating the shoulder for internal rotation!
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWNirIqaDPk]

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