Religion and fitness.  For the most part, if you call someone out on their workout program, you might as well be telling them their religious beliefs are wrong too.  Its ALWAYS a touchy topic of discussion.  If I get into a discussion, I try to make it a point of giving people "little bread crumbs" of information so it causes them to want to check it out on their own.  Believe me, I am a fitness snob now and I truly believe that our CrossFit and our nutrition is THE only way.  But if you try to ram it down peoples throats then you will be in a battle with everyone.  Sure people will hack on you and your crossfit, but usually its because they really dont understand it.  Its easy to give information to people but if they dont hear it, it doesnt matter what you tell them.  Let me ask you this, have you done enough research on your fitness program to get into a discussion with someone?  Before you go to battle, make sure you have your facts all ready!

To all the DAD's out there, Happy Fathers Day!  Like you, I am lucky enough to have the greatest job and title in the world......DAD.  I had an unbelievable role model to learn from.  Thank you DAD for everything!  I love you!


__________________________ DSC_0030


INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


7 Rounds:

     7 reps Clean and Jerk (205#, 145#)

     14 reps Ring Push-ups




Hang Snatch


     *can be either power or squat but got for max weight on 3 reps


MWOD........a few things to think about for the push-up

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