Power of positive thinking is pretty crazy.  It sounds totally cliche but it does work.  The important thing is that you must TRULY believe it.  You cant say positive things just hoping that will do it.  You have to believe it to the core.  I know a firefighter who seems to have grabbed this ability.  He is kind of a silly kid who always seemed to be overly fired up on things that weren't really a big deal.  He seemed to have  good heart, but didn't seem to be the one for the job most of the time.  He pushed super hard to get a fire job and thought that it would make him happy.  After breaking up with his ex-girl friend, it appeared that he decided to do things for himself and just enjoy the act of that.  He started to workout, he started to play guitar, he got into other activities that he always wanted to try.  He started to smile all the time.  Once he really enjoyed what he was doing in his world, he really didn't care what others thought.  He was happy being him!  Then things started happening, it seemed that he had good luck everywhere he turned!  Was it possible to be in a spiral going up?  It seemed to be!!  He was enjoying his entire world and everything in it.  He didn't get bogged down on all the little things, he found the silver lining in everything and saw things as opportunities rather than obstacles.  He truly believed in his happiness and it just grew and grew and grew.  I think we need to copy this way of life!  Enjoy your world!!  We all have some great stuff in it!  Be positive about it and more positive will come from it!!


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"Its Over My Head"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


10 Rounds:

     10 reps DB or KB Hang Squat Snatch (50#, 35#)

          *5 reps each arm

     10 reps Toes to Bar




Pressing Overhead Walk (135#, 95#)

     *while walking 300m, walk 10 steps with the bar in the front rack position, lock it out overhead and then walk 10 more steps, continue the entire way through the 300m.  If you have to put the bar down, do air squats until you are ready to pick the bar back up


MWOD........are your systems ready for the dumbbell?[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7j8GIxCAcMY]

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