Do you know the difference between Crossfit the Games, and CrossFit the Fitness Program?  There are many similarities between the two such as the similar movements, the fact that we want high intensity under broad time and modal domains, and that we want to move large loads, long distances, quickly using functional movements.  Wow, they seem identical huh?  Here's the difference; training for the Games or for Competition is where you will do everything you can to be ready for the type of workouts that might come your way in a competition.  You will need to prep yourself for multiple workouts in a day, you will need to do some crazy different movements and both high reps at low weight and then jump to heavy weights as well.  The point here is volume with intensity.  When you are training for general fitness, it about hitting your one workout as hard as you can and then recovering;  its just intensity.  Yes you need to make sure your workouts are varied, but you dont really need to have double days or triple days.  Its not a problem to occasionally do a double or maybe do some skill work, but when you are constantly hitting crushing workouts then you will start to build up the cortisol in your body.  This is a stress hormone that works great for fight or flight responses.  However, if you have a constant influx of this then you will have an increased inflammatory response in your body.  Dont work against yourself.  Be Smart!  Figure out what your goal is then attack appropriately.  If you need help then hit your trainers up and they will guide you!


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"DT Insanity!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


AMRAP in 10 minutes:

     12 reps Dead Lift

      9 reps Hang Power Clean

      6 reps Jerk

      *All moves are done with the same weight (165#, 115#)




Front Squat


          *warm up well and set 1 should be 75% of 1RM, then go up 5% each set with the reps indicated going for a new PR one the last set


MWOD........prepping the elbows for the front rack

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