AMAZING!!!!!!!  HOPE went down yesterday and all I can say is I am proud of our gym, our community and our sport!  The INFERNO Family hosted over 100 people, had CrossFit Ohana from Lompoc come up, raised over $10000, had an even stream of people all day, had amazing sausage from CATTANEO BROS, a killer BBQ, perfect weather, lots of good people and pretty much an amazing time!!!!!!!  Whew Im exhausted!  Great job everyone!!!  Thank you for doing all you did and thank you to ALL of our sponsors!!!!!


__________________________ DSC_0017

"From the Depths"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


For Time:

     21 reps Squat Clean (155#, 105)

     100 reps Double Unders

     15 reps Squat Cleans

     75 reps Double Unders

      9 reps Squat Cleans

     50 reps Double Unders




Turkish Get Ups

     *Find a 1RM max on Left and Right Arm


MWOD........Unglue your bottom position

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