Everyone thinks they know what CrossFit is.  "Its just like P90X right?"  "Its just like Insanity right?"  "I do boot camp and its just like that right?"  NO!!!  I just saw a magazine with Shawn T, the Insanity guy, in it talking about his workout.  He said his workout is about intensity and functional movements.  Sounds familiar right?  But when he showed the pictures of some of the movements, NOT ONE WAS FULL RANGE!!!!  Push-ups where you stop 4-5 inches from the ground, "Power Squats" with your feet wide, knees going in, and not getting below parallel, and of course not sitting up all the way on sit ups.  Now, I will give it to you that if you run in place hard and fast and jump around for about 40 minutes that you will be sweating and probably breathing hard.  Does that mean its a good workout?  What if I had you mop the floor of the gym for 40 minutes as hard and fast as you could.  Would you be sweating?  Yes.  Would you be breathing hard?  Yes.  Would you be doing a "functional" movement?  Some may say yes.  So would you subscribe to the "MOP-Crazy" workout??  Probably not.  Crossfit is not just about sweating.  Its about proper movement, in the full range of movement so that you are able to stay strong, stay flexible, and stay mobile.  We do movements that have you doing things that you do EVERYDAY.  We have you moving your body and weights to make you stronger.  We have you doing things fast and intense to build your cardio.  Our workout is NOT like those others.  Its CrossFit and its one of a kind!  Its what YOU do!



__________________________ Bill deads 2012

"Baby Got Back"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


For time:

10/2, 9/4, 8/6, 7/8, 6/10, 5/12, 4/14, 3/16, 2/18, 1/20 Reps

     Dead Lift (315#, 215#)

     Kettle Bell Swing (53#, 35#)




Squat Clean


           *Go HEAVY on these!  Attack them!!! Warm -up then your 1st set should bearound 80% of your 1RM


MWOD........Some PNF work for the hammys
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ol0r8lUqB-Q]

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